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  • 3 days ago

Trailer for @motherlessbklyn is here. Link in bio to see it. So many talented folks grace this film with their great work. @gugumbatharaw @alecbaldwininsta @bobby_cannavale @lesliemann , Willem Dafoe, Bruce Willis, Michael K Williams, Cherry Jones, Dallas Roberts, Ethan Supplee, Josh Pais. Very privileged to have had all these brilliant actors come together.

Edward Norton media on instagram
  • 4 days ago

A sneak preview of Thom Yorke’s track (featuring @flea333) and the Wynton Marsalis ‘B-Side’ jazz version today only at @rollingstone online. Link in the bio. Very excited for people to hear both. Two geniuses at work.

Edward Norton media on instagram
  • 9 days ago

One of the great songwriters of my generation, Thom Yorke, wrote the most beautiful ballad for my new film ‘Motherless Brooklyn’. And then Wynton Marsalis did a crushing jazz arrangement of it that also appears in the film. This special .45 with both versions drops shortly and @rollingstone premieres it on Aug 21st. Enjoy. (And if you look close you’ll see that another old friend and musical hero of mine laid the sweet bass AND horn into Thom’s song....love ya @flea333)

  • 3 months ago

Watching high tide waves and learning a few from this little gem of a record by my tocayo comrade in arms. A lovely downshift

  • 5 months ago

I’m very inspired by the courage of my dear friend @evanrachelwood in sharing her own painful experience of abuse; her journey out of it and her determination to support & empower others caught in that atrocious situation through #IAmNotOk - More on her feed & in her terrifically thoughtful & honest conversation w @daxshepard on @armchairexppod Educating ourselves on the shocking reality that this experience is all too common and likely suffered in silence by someone you know and love seems more and more necessary every day. You’re a guiding star, E...shine on!

  • 7 months ago

Snapshots of my daily walk to work each day with the prodigiously talented Daniel Pemberton, the Maestro of Bermondsey St, who composed a music score for ‘Motherless Brooklyn’ that is as good as it gets in cinema. What a pleasure and a privilege.

Edward Norton media on instagram
  • 7 months ago

@freesolofilm is hands down the best doc I’ve seen in a long time and one of the best films of the year period. If you’ve scrambled on rocks even a little bit, the achievement is so impossible to wrap your head around that you just shake with emotion, and even if you’ve never climbed more than a staircase it’s still a profoundly inspiring meditation on life. Huge applause to @jimmy_chin and team for an astonishing piece of filmmaking and of course @alexhonnold for giving everyone a beautiful proof that with focus and dedication anything is possible. Really just a great film that I’ll probably watch once a year for inspiration.

Edward Norton media on instagram
  • 7 months ago

Celebrating the life and work of one of the greatest poets of our time, Mary Oliver. Very few writers have ever captured the quest for the liberation of the spirit & the transcendent power of the natural world like she did. Her writing truly lifts the heart and inspires one to a better life and will keep her spirit powerfully alive. Her talent was a gift to me and everyone who ever read her.

  • 8 months ago

A Dream Made Real: hardly know how to say thank you enough to @kellyslater & everyone at @wsl @kswaveco & my pal @raimanaworld for letting me come up to the Wave for a session. It’s not lost on me that most of the global surfing Tribe would kill for this experience & I feel truly privileged & grateful. Nothing matches the beauty and power of the ocean. But what’s been achieved with this wave is astonishing, thrilling and transformational in terms of its capacity to spread the joys of surfing to more people. Omg does it up your game fast. My heart is still racing 5 days later. I’ll never be Kelly or Laird or @kai_lenny or @stephaniegilmore but one day here took me to a whole new level. What a gift. It’s a beautiful thing you’ve done, Kelly. Thank you

Edward Norton media on instagram
  • 8 months ago

Win INC(RED)IBLE experiences with your favorite celebrities. Donate $10 to @RED’s fight to end AIDS to ENTER: CrowdRise.com/RED or click the LINK IN BIO

Edward Norton media on instagram
  • 9 months ago

A few thoughts in celebration of veterans and the American spirit of service: this is my dad in 1967, a Marine Corps Captain at Con Thien firebase on the DMZ of Vietnam. Son of a Pittsburg steel family, he went to college in 1960 and when President Kennedy said ‘Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country” he took it seriously. Joined the Marines while also winning a Woodrow Wilson scholarship and working on his Masters in Russian Studies. Despite being newly married to my mom, he never hesitated to serve or evaded danger and went to Vietnam in spring of ‘67. Stationed at bases along the DMZ, including at Con Thien across the summer and fall of ‘67, some of the most intense fighting of the war, and through the Tet Offensive. Lost comrades and friends. Came to believe the war was a terrible mistake both tactically and morally but served with honor while communicating his concerns to his Senators back home. Came home, went to Harvard Law School, became father of three and served as a US Attorney for MD and then became one of most effective strategists, litigators, organization builders and all-around ‘warriors’ for environmental protection of his generation. He has never chased money and instead has defined his life by service to this great country. THAT is what a true patriot looks like. So to every snowflake, chicken hawk, hypocritical political bigot who gets off spewing bile at liberals, Democrats or tree-huggers: my dad is all of those, so shame on you. And special note to our national embarrassment ‘Commander in Chief’: your 5 BS deferments, your disparagement of POW heroes and Gold Star families, your attacks on career Intelligence officers & the rule of law all savagely dishonor the sacrifices & service of veterans daily. But when you skip basic ceremonial respect on their day of honor (because of what rain might do to your hair?) you reveal yourself as a true coward and antagonist to American principles that you’ve obviously never read or absorbed. Thank god there are veteran Patriots like my father, Ed Norton to defend America against the likes of you. Happy Veterans Day, Dad. We’re all so proud of you. Semper Fi

Edward Norton media on instagram
  • 9 months ago

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