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My name is Jason Kelce, I hate Instagram and all related social mediums. Notifications are off, DMs handled by a third party. Expect no interactions

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  • 2 days ago

I don’t agree with everything the NFL does. They have gotten a lot of things wrong in the past, and I’m sure they will continue to get things wrong in the future. But, I believe the concussion protocol is something they are getting right. . PS: I’m a dumbass for going to the wrong sideline

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  • 22 days ago

I’ll be at the Dell music center September 5th to support my former teammate and current best friend @connorbarwin98 and the @mtwbfoundation. You should come too!

Jason Kelce media on instagram
  • 1 months ago

Looking at ultrasound pictures like “isn’t she adorable!”

Jason Kelce media on instagram
  • 1 months ago

The swimmers swim

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  • 2 months ago

*picture Training camp 2011* With Camp a week away, I thought I’d shed some light on my thoughts heading in. I often get asked wether I’m excited for camp? Camp always has a love hate relationship in every football players heart. You enjoy the camaraderie and competition, but dread the heat and suffering your body is going to endure. You also prepare for the hard work, time commitment, and monotony that is going to be present for the next month and a half, which will become stale and exhaustive as it goes. However, there is always an air to training camp that breaths excitement and suspense into the team, and until now I have struggled to describe or understand what that feeling is. I feel it is the young guys that bring that. For the next month and a half our roster will be over 90 guys, the majority of which are competing for maybe 10 spots, that will round off the final 53 man roster. These guys will quite literally be fighting, competing everyday, to show coaches and the world that they have what it takes to realize their life’s dream of playing in the NFL. They’ll be competing to not just reach their dream as a player, but also change the lives of their families. To move up in the world, and truly realize the American Dream that we all strive for. These hungry individuals remind me of a time when I was there with them, and they give me energy and insight to what truly has gotten me here, and what will continue to make this team great. Hunger and passion. Can’t wait to see what everyone brings in 7 days, can’t wait to start taking anti inflammatories, and can’t wait to see some hungry dogs for the start of another season. Go Eagles!

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  • 2 months ago

The true AirBud! #justthecrust

Jason Kelce media on instagram
  • 2 months ago

I removed social media from my life 3 years ago, and it has been the greatest 3 years of my life. I encourage everyone to do the same and still believe social media is largely ruining the world. With my peace stated, I simply could not not share this experience. It is honestly impossible to accurately describe the pure shock, disgust, and impact this moment had on my life yesterday. I am forever changed, the Pun in said video was not intended.