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Tummytime Wondering what to do with your newborn......... well the most important right now is tummy time What is tummy time? When your newborn lies on his stomach and practises lifting his head it benefits him in several ways * explore the world * strengthen his back, legs, arms and neck muscles * release gas * gain neck control * facilitate rolling over and sitting * no flat spot on the back of his head Note: do not leave child unattended !! It may cause sudden infant death syndrome due to difficulty in breathing !!! Tummy time is not fun initially.. its a difficult task for our little babies but as they master the art of tummy time it is the most beneficial. When to start: 2nd week onwards- to begin with start with short sessions of 30 seconds each or according to your baby’s comfort... gradually your baby will be able to spend more time on tummy Try to give baby tummy time for 3-5 times a day Make tummy time interesting by giving bright coloured toys, squeaky toys, different textures, things to hold on Step by step instructions: 1. Get down to the baby’s level 2. Make it fun- talk to the baby, sing to the baby.. make the most of your time 3. Encourage your baby.. he is trying to solve a problem .. to facilitate you can use a rolled towel or nursing pillow under his armpits to support... I prefer boppy pillow 4. Make it a part of the routine, set the time so you dont forget and your child knows when to expect his quality time with the first love of their life 😊❤️ #thetherapistmommy #buildingblocksplaytherapycentre #playtherapist #buildingblocksptc #newmommy #radhya #tummytimefun #sensoryplaytolearn