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“Are you going to be an actress, just like your mom when you grow up? “ I have been asked that question countless times before people would ask me my name. “I want to be a musician” was for most part my response simply because I have always, at times for no apparent reason, never liked being told what I should do. Have to admit, they were right. If there is one thing that was missing that would’ve helped me get over my nerves so I could’ve been a musician Is acting lessons. I am so thankful that life somehow keeps finding ways to make me learn more. Even being introduced to the Meisner Technique has helped me tap into a part of myself that I always wish I could access in the presence of people. Acting has helped me see how desensitized I am to so many things. But can you also imagine taking everything in and feeling everything so deeply everyday, all the time? 🤯 A summer intensive of studying Meisner Technique was not enough so now I’m in school. Here I am blending with the colors of my classroom. WILLIAM ESPER STUDIO : CLASS OF 2020.


The world lost an absolute legend. Studying with Bill was one of the greatest honors of my life. He saw through me and pushed me to go past limitations I set on myself as an actor, artist and human. He never accepted untruthfulness or bullshit. He believed in me and pushed me to grow deeper. I have pages and pages of wisdom I was luckily enough to soak in while studying with him... I’m heartbroken that I won’t get a chance to see him again or thank him again for how much he has impacted my life. Bill, you were the greatest teacher of all time. You unlocked some things in me and gave me a freedom that I did not know I had. You set a standard that we should all strive to reach. If you’re up there or out there somewhere checking in... I hope I get to make you proud. - “It is better to have two or three minutes of truth than an hour of bullshit - Bill” RIP @esperstudio #esper #esperforever #billesper

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We did it. 6 weeks summer intensive program at the Acting school of William esper! I’m part of the meisner legacy and this is just the beginning. Meisner is such a fascinating technique, and the amount of wisdom that travels through the corridors of this school is absolutely insane. Thank you Barbara Marchant, for opening me up and guiding me through this journey, and to all my other teachers who taught me how to find my voice, how to move, and to speak and so on. And my acting partners, who gave me so many amazing moments full of laughter, or sadness and most of all, craziness! This was the best summer romance a girl like me could ask for.

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My Esper family. My friends and my inspiration. We went from total strangers to honest and vulnarable partners, lovers and enemies. Deepest gratitude to @esperstudio for allowing me to join you guys and for having me as your own the first day I walked in. My most deepest respect to all of you.

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I’m having a hard time putting how I feel into words, but all I can say is thank you. Thank you for the past two years filled with growth, tears, laughter, friendships, hard work, dedication, and support 💕

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this is the end of the prologue. what started as a pipe dream has now become an experience i am eternally grateful for. now starts the mission to do justice to the friends and family that supported me, the teachers that empowered me and the peers that inspired me by using what i’ve learned to make true art for a world in sore need of it. ‘let the great work begin’.

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Back to school. Got my ten minute break to eat my banana. I’m very very happy. As of now, Full time Jeweler- part time Actor. Hi everyone!

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Thank you all for the outpouring of love and support. ❤️💜🧡💛💚💙#billesper #esperstudio #actingteacher