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ورشة رقم ١٨ برنامج القيادات الشابة ٥ من محافظة الانبار تم عمل الورشة من قبل فريق Leaders for Change Iraq بالشراكة مع ابتكار من اجل التنمية والبرنامج الانمائي للأمم المتحدة #lfct_iraq #inno4dev #ylp5 #ylp #undp #sdgs #enterprenuership

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Hi! My name is @felipe.fittipaldi. I’m one of the photographers featured in UNDP’s exhibition on inequality and climate change at @Photoville in #Brooklyn , #NYC from Sept 12 to Sept 22. Today I’m guest posting @undp. This is what’s left of Atafona’s largest hotel in 2015. It used to be a three-story building with 48 rooms. Most of the hotel washed away in 2008 due to sea level rise and strong undertows. In 2014, I heard about Atafona, a city that was being swallowed by the sea on the coast of Rio de Janeiro state, Brazil. I decided to see it for myself and found a scenario like a war zone. I visit Atafona every year now. In Atafona I usually wake up before sunrise and roam the city ruins, where the noise of the wind and the waves creates a peculiar atmosphere. It is a dynamic place in every way–if you do the same thing the next day, you’ll find a new light, a new tide. These ruins carry lost memories and stories; every brick is full of meaning to the people who lived there. When I took this photo I was searching for the interaction between the ruins and the city's daily life. The horses of fishermen and farmers often roam freely along the eroded beach and appear as traces of human presence in the chaotic environment. It is an exercise in patience and intuition to wait for the elements to combine and contribute to a strong image. It's not just Atafona. Coastal cities across the world are already seeing coastlines disappear to erosion and sea level rise. A global temperature rise of 0.5C degrees versus 2C degrees could affect millions of coastal communities worldwide. 📷: @felipe.fittipaldi Click on @undp’s bio and find the the link in this photo to see excerpts from part of @undp’s #Photoville exhibit about #ClimateChange and #Inequality . If you're in NYC, visit the exhibit at @photoville & be sure to tag @undp & @felipe.fittipaldi if you share on @Instagram. #climateaction #moreequalworld #photovillenyc #photoville #photoville2019 #brooklynbridgepark #undp

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WORLD OZONE DAY (Series 2/3) . . The Fundraiser A fundraising event was organised at Forest Research Institute, Dehradun where the members of IFSA LC FRI have made pleasing products out of the waste. # ifsalcfri #ifsa #bestoutofwaste #diy #worldozoneday #32yearsandhealing #unep #moefcc #unitednations #undp #greenpeace

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#Repost @tanzania_arts • • • • • • #EmpowerWithTanzaniaarts Every human has a great potential within. It's the right of every individual's talent/ability to be respected and appreciated, I believe in Humanity. Let's help those who failed to utilize their potential because of a certain disability gain that ability for no one is disabled in that area. . Kila binadamu ana uwezo binafsi wa kipeke bila kujali hali ya muonekano wake au ulemavu wa namna yeyote. Tuungane kwa pamoja kuwapa fursa za kutumia vipawa walivyo navyo. . #disabled #unhcr #undp #pamoja #love #peace #unity #un #sustainablegoals #poverty #tanzania #artists #africa #charity #empower #LeaveNoOneBehind #glory #inspire

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«Свобода стоит того, чтобы за нее бороться» . Согласны?

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Thanks to the #MontrealProtocol , the ozone hole is expected to gradually close, with ozone returning to 1980 values by the 2060s. We celebrate this and other successes this #OzoneDay . #ClimateAction #Goal13 #undp #sdgs #globalgoals

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Climate Change Diaries. This project of mine is a series of episodes on the impact of climate change in Ganga Sagar, an island in the Sundarbans area of West Bengal, India. Thank you Earth Journalism Network for awarding me an Environmental Reporting Fellowship to cover the pressing issue of climate change. Mangrove Forests are our allies in the fight against climate change. Let us protect them. #ClimateChange #ClimateMigration #ResilienceJournalism #ClimateJustice #ClimateAction #SaveThePlanet #UNDP #SaveTheEnvironment #MangroveForests @leonardodicaprio @gretathunberg @unitednations @undp

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L'Objectif global du BOS est selon Mme Marie-Agnès de : •Réduire les coûts sur les opérations des agences des Nations Unies par l'utilisation des accords communs; • Améliorer la qualité et l'efficacité des services; • Rendre les opérations des Nations Unies sensibles aux aspects d'équité genre; • Renforcer des capacités des prestataires de services du Système des Nations Unies. #ingomag #fao #ifad #iom #onufemmes #onusida #PAM #UNDP #unesco #unhcr #unops