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. MORE TO GO 🔥🔥 . . #traveldaires #roadtrip #naturelove #addiction #peace ✌️

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Call FD 👩‍🚒 . #donut #donutoverdose #thedonutexperiment #anamariaisland #addiction

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Got a question fam— I had a small encounter today that brought up old awful memories from my drinking days and I am trying not to over analyze my feelings but I am definitely curious how people who have a connection to a power greater than themselves handle such situations. I met a man at a family event, loud, rude, making jokes at the expense of others, keeping all spotlight on himself and always steering the conversation towards strong judgements and degrading opinions of others. This reminded me of during my drinking years, spending a ton of time in a frat house around loud jerks like that. When I was in the room with these people spouting racist, sexist, or purely hateful nonsense I would want to speak up, but the times I did I was drunk and mad and well—nothing was helped by my outbursts, well intentioned and informed as they were. The 9/10 times I was just quiet however I felt such a heaviness and self criticism for being a coward or not standing up for what’s “right”. Either way I drank away those feelings then and I am never really confronted with those situations these days. Tonight however I felt that old twisting in my stomach but I didn’t want to “call him out”, I just felt so sad and sort of repulsed. I am conflicted because I want to feel some sense of compassion and make up a sad story for his life to excuse his ignorance. I find that behavior “unacceptable” and those hateful thoughts so unnatural to me, yet I want very badly to just magically have loving detachment. I want to speak my truth, I don’t want to be someone who ignores hate if there is some way to infuse insight where there is ignorance, but I don’t fancy myself a martyr and I’m not sure what boundaries look like when it comes to wanting to be the change I wish to see in the world but not wanting to get entangled in a situation that’s just unhealthy and wouldn’t change anything... I know that got rambley, I guess my question is how have you guys come to understand when being the most authentic version of yourself is most useful by NOT reacting or involving yourself in a situation? How can you tell when the “next right thing” to do is to do nothing, & just be? Art @realfunwow

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Loving this combo. Cleopatra Revenge with matte top coat and Lavender Breeze with high shine top coat 💜 @luminouscolourgel - - - - #naildesigns #matte #purple #love #nailsofinstagram #nailsonfleek #acrylic #sculptedacrylic #addiction #luminouscolourgel #sculptedbeautybyashley

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Cute little potli work❣️ Colour and size can be customised! DM to order! . . . #crochet #art #passion #addiction #knitting #pattern #design #crochetersofinstagram #bestoftheday #love #artist #blogger #knittersofinstagram #therapy #yarn #ig #crochet_relax #crocheted