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  • 27 minutes ago

Walk the line. Mostly dangerous walking yesterday with a smattering of pleasant fun sections and some shuffling across a knife edge ridge “á cheval”. Trust is key on routes like this as the only real way to protect a fall is to jump off the other side... which isn’t that inspiring with a 700m drop on each side. @salomon #timetoplay . . . . @brit_mt_guides @ifmgaofficial @saasfeeguides @salomonfreeski @suunto #lyskamm #weareifmga #alpineclimbing #mountainguide #gopro #hero7black #video #ridge #sunshine #alps #4000m #peak #adventurestartshere #neverstop #neve #arete #ridgeline #zermatt

Angela Bradford - YEG media on instagram
  • 2 hours ago

Love. Something I’ve wanted to find, and today I realized I can only find it in me. What I feel about myself is how others feel about me. . . Kind of deep I know, but it’s really impacted me today. I want to find my “happy ever after”, but until I love me all the way, I will never find him nor he me. 😱 . . Now I can begin the journey of self love. Excited and scared all at the same time. 🙏 . . #love #italy #yesiatethefries

Garrett GQ Query media on instagram
  • 2 hours ago

Shout out goes to my client Jordan Murphy for his incredible transformation over the past 5 months! Jordan is Mr. Consistent! He has lost between 1.5-2.5lbs per week over the last 5 months by trusting the process! He tells me all the time how working out is just the norm and he feels lost without it! Stats! Body weight: 307.5 to 272 35lbs lost, Waistline: 48inch to 37.3 10.7inches lost, Chest: 50.5inches to 39inches 11.5inches lost, and 4 inches lost off each leg!

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  • 3 hours ago

Il nostro nuovo sito internet è online! 😎 Venite a trovarci!! www.areteteatro.it #arete #areteteatro #teatro #corsiditeatro #teatrotorino #compagniateatrale

  • 4 hours ago

This past week, I spent the entirety of it at Missouri Valley College trying to rebuild the greatness of what TKE once was on that campus. In recent years, Greek life numbers have gone down and the chapter really started to struggle. The chapter got down to one member, and I knew this was not acceptable. So in my week there, I was able to work with the school and the one member left to get 5 NEW MEN to sign into the fraternity with the potential of 2 more. To put this in perspective, when I got there, fraternity life had a total of 7 men between 2 chapters. This is more men than they have gotten in the last 3 years, and I cannot wait to see where these new men go, as they start a new chapter of their life and build lifelong leadership skills. Happy to call you my brothers! #iamtke #arete #tkeregram

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  • 4 hours ago

One thing i have learned in life is that.... In the wars of life. You will NOT win every battle. BUT, you have to choose to FIGHT every battle. You MUST fight unconventionally, but ethically to give yourself EVERY opportunity to win. You MUST fight aggressively and passively almost simultaneously Respect your opponent, but do not let fear of them, dictate your strategy. Always, keep your ability to Attack, Advance and Communicate simultaneously! Always keep a 360 degree awareness of your environment! Finally, your team dictates your survival odds. Keep crushing it everyone, many blessings upon you!!! 🙏✌️ #aretesyndicate #100to0 #areteaccelerator #arete

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  • 5 hours ago

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  • 6 hours ago

Everyday there’s an opportunity to do better. Be better. Whether it’s in the way you eat, the supplements you take, the recovery and anti-aging techniques you utilize, the book you read, the meditation time you block out, the IV implement, or in the way you train, you have the opportunity to become more. Are you taking advantage of that opportunity today? - I love any and all jumping I can implement into my workouts so I’m always pumped when the @boothcampgym crew has them built into the workout. This is a 40 inch box jump over with a burpee on either side. This is round 2 of the workout so pardon my form as I’m getting pretty tired at this point. 💀 - - - - - #arete #excellence #train #jump #hops #workout #boxjumps #burpees #nashville #hydration #elevate #exercise #welless #healthyliving #antiaging

  • 7 hours ago

Quite speechless 😶 from this experience . I planned to post and share about this experience but decided to be 💯 in it . Blown away by the amount of walls I had to overcome, get over, limited beliefs. Any strong willed 👬 friends, not fighting but surrendering . What an amazing day to be alive, to live life to experience love, oneness, quite the mind and escape from myself . I thought this was a destination😂. I can no longer hide, Ive felt things and seen things that I can’t ignore . #arete #brickworkslife #meditation #goals #betterlife #mindset #brickworksllc #cantstop #attitude #100to0 #lovelife #dothework #blessings #love #otherswhoinspire #grit #positivityflood