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Towards the middle of my breastfeeding journey with 👸 I learned not to give AF who I offended when I breastfed my child in public. That kind of attitude saved me much unnecessary anxiety. Even though I have kept that mentality during my current breastfeeding journey, I have to say it amazes me how much more comfortable breastfeeding in public feels in Europe. Both women and men smile at you with such warmth and admiration. Sidebar, Dries and I have been practicing block feeding due to the fact that my heavy milk flow causes him to spit up. I’m curious have any other mamas found success with this practice? For those who aren’t aware of how block feeding works keep on reading but remember you should speak with a lactation consultant to address your specific needs. 💋 BLOCK FEEDING: Start with a 3-hour block of time Any time when your baby is hungry during that block, nurse baby on the same breast Switch to the other breast for the next 3-hour period Only express for comfort (If the unused breast feels too full) If there isn’t much improvement after doing this for several days, increase the number of hours in your block You should wait till your milk supply is established before trying this, usually around 6 weeks. #breastfeedingawarenessmonth #blockfeeding #maedmama

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Thank you for joining us last night for our 1st Annual Breastfeeding Celebration & networking event. We had a wonderful evening 💜🍼🤱🏻#pediatricdentistry #breastfeedingawarenessmonth #lactationconsultant #ibclc #pediatrics #westchester #hudsonvalley #co2laser #CoCothelaser #laserfrenectomy

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“My experience in regards to breastfeeding here at Kendall Regional was absolutely amazing. The doctor supported me the entire time and made sure to explain exactly what I had to do. The nurses and lactation specialists went above and beyond to make me feel comfortable. They gave me so many tips to make sure that I was doing everything right for my baby and for myself as a mom. I am so thankful for my experience here at Kendall Regional.” 🏥 . . “Mi experiencia con respecto a la lactancia materna aquí en Kendall Regional fue absolutamente increíble. El médico me apoyó todo el tiempo y se aseguró de explicar exactamente lo que tenía que hacer. Las enfermeras y las especialistas en lactancia hicieron todo lo posible para que me sintiera cómoda. Me dieron muchos consejos para asegurarme de que estaba haciendo todo bien para el bebé 👶🏼 y para mí como madre. Estoy muy agradecido por mi experiencia aquí en Kendall Regional.” - Inaisy Perez . . #KendallRegionalMedicalCenter #HCAHealthcare #CareLikeFamily #BreastfeedingAwarenessMonth

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Join us on August 28 for a free screening of Chocolate Milk: The Documentary. This 90-minute documentary is a digital storytelling project sharing the testimonials of breastfeeding mothers. Reserve your spot today! Link in bio. 🔗 🔸 #BlackMamasMatter #Breastfeeding #NormalizeBreastfeeding #BreastfeedingSupport #BreastfeedingMom #BreastfeedingAwarenessMonth #MomLife #MomStrong #WorkingMom #VirginiaMom #Parenting #Parenthood #Virginia #RVA @birthincolorrva @rvabreastfeeds @virginiawic @afrikanafilmrva @dc_bfc

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Behind the scenes of a breastfeeding mom journey there is usually (or should be) a supportive community, including fathers, partners, family, workplace. It’s a team effort! “Support Changes Everything” is the theme for this year’s National Breastfeeding Month. The goal is spreading evidence-based information, normalizing breastfeeding in public, and promoting a good environment to pump and store milk at home, in the workplace and everywhere. I partnered with @NatureBond_International to make a stand for normalizing breastfeeding and they came up with this amazing challenge which you can take part in. To join us just take a photo breastfeeding with the hashtag #NatureBondChallenge and try to beat me by capturing more people in the photo! So gather your mamma squad and tag them to join in! ✨ I’m totally in love with this pump! So easy to handle, helping me save every drop, even the breastmilk that would have been lost on the side that Maya is not breastfeeding. ✨And to celebrate this Golden Month, pumps are 15% off with the code "BFMONTH" 😉 You can find the link to the website in my bio! . . . Por trás da jornada de uma mãe amamentando deveria existir uma rede de apoio: pais, familiares, ambiente de trabalho... toda a comunidade envolvida para dar suporte, seja com ajuda, incentivo, e até um olhar menos crítico. O Agosto Dourado está chegando ao fim mas ainda temos tempo pra falar mais sobre amamentação e o suporte necessário. Por isso me juntei à @naturebond_international para um desafio em prol da normalização da amamentação em público. Pra participar poste sua foto amamentando onde apareça o máximo de gente e marque a @naturebond_international e o @poderosasmaes! Amamentar deveria ser visto como algo natural e é essa a mensagem que eu tento passar pra minha filha, que um dia será mãe e vai se lembrar de mim, amamentando a qualquer hora e em qualquer lugar! #normalizebreastfeeding #normalisebreastfeeding#BreastfeedingAwarenessMonth#fedisbest#NatureBondSiliconePump #NatureBond#breastpump #leitematerno #amamentacaoempublico

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Our amazing giveaway with @avenuepottery is still happening!! See previous post for more details and how to enter!! HAPPY FRIDAY!! #giveaway #breastfeedingawarenessmonth #breastfeedingmom #milkdust

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It's been 2 days since my expressed take home BM dropped from 14 oz to 10 oz, and still I am staying on the positive side that this is just temporary and completely normal 😊🙏 #pumpingmom #liquidgold #breastfeedingawarenessmonth #breastmilkisbestmilk

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⚡️LAST CHANCE TO ENTER⚡️ #breastfeedingawarenessmonth is almost over so we wanted to take a moment to celebrate all of you moms out there feeding your babies the best way you can with a very special GIVEAWAY!❤️ We have teamed up with some of our favorite Mom Brands & Bloggers to give one lucky mama all these PERFECT gifts. One winner takes it all!😃 It just takes 30 seconds to enter: 1️⃣ Like this post 👍 2️⃣ Follow @milkychicmom and all the accounts they are following (18 accounts) 3️⃣ Tag your pregnant 🤰 or nursing 🤱 mom friends (one line per entry, enter as many times as you’d like) Total Giveaway worth- $380!! *This giveaway will close on Aug 24 at 11:59 pm PST. The winner will be announced within 48 hours of giveaway closing. The lucky mama will have 48 hours to claim her prize. ** This giveaway is not affiliated with Instagram in any way. Must be 18 to enter. Winner must have a US shipping address.

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Breastfeeding LOVE - regram by @gisele 🙏🏽- One of the most special moments I’ve shared with my kids was while breastfeeding. That special look you get, that feeling of connection is unlike anything I have ever experienced.  I love how #breastfeedingawarenessmonth shines a light on the importance of breastfeeding. Yes, in the beginning it can be difficult, it can hurt (the cracks, bleeding, engorgement), but no matter how challenging, I would not change that experience for anything in this world. I feel blessed that I was able to nourish them in this way. Congratulations to all mamas out there for the effort that we put in, the ones who breastfeed, and those who could not and have had heartbreaking moments trying to. I celebrate all of you! 💕 🤱🏼💗