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Charcoal pencil Dm for Details price . . . #charcoal #drawing #charcoalpencil #blacknwhite #charcoal #artwork #artstudio #artphotography #art_and_art_19

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Here’s how my helmet drawing has advanced and is almost done. Swipe to see close ups of the badge, which is my favorite part 😍❤️ I’m dealing with the background now. I’m using general’s 4b charcoal pencils, charcoal powder and acrylic paint over gessoed panel ✏️🖌 . . - Share this post and tag a friend 👯‍♀️👯‍♂️ - For original drawings and limited edition lithography prints go to the link in my bio 🖼❤️ - DM or comment if you have any questions 📩

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Same pose from my last figure drawing class but different angle 。 。 。 。 #pencil #charcoaldrawing #charcoalpencil #human #figure #figuredrawing #nudedrawingclass #practice #newartist #blackandwhite #bnw

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Retrato em carvão feito no Wokshop em PoA com o artista realista Richelly Oliveira. #charcoaldrawing #charcoals #charcoalportrait #charcoalpencil #charcoalpencils #drawing #portrait #charcoalportrait #portraitures
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Hi! Today I want to share with you a mini version or my new How to Draw a Mouth Tutorial ✏️👄 . You can find a way more detailed version of it in the Ebook tutorial that’s included in my NEW Graphite and Charcoal Brush Set for Realistic Portraits in Procreate 🍓 (Link in Bio) . You’ll get ✨25 Pressure Sensitive Brushes✨ made out of real-life textures that will make it feel like you’re drawing in a piece of paper with all the benefits that your iPad has to offer! 🌺 . This Brush + Free Ebook Combo was made so you could easily become a PRO at realistic portraits, even if you knew nothing about it before! . Let me know what you think about this tutorial and if you follow it! I would love to see your work so don’t forget to TAG ME this way I can give you some extra tips and tricks I’ve picked up during the years 👵🏽 . STEPS 👄👇🏽 . Step 1: Draw a long horizontal line and in its middle point, a vertical line. Follow that with 3 circles. Create a triangle using the circle on the top as a reference for the width. . Step 2: Use the curves of the circles as references to create the bow of the mouth. . Step 3: Duplicate the circle on top of the horizontal line and the section of it that you see inside the triangle, will become the top part of the top lip. . Step 4: Create two oval shapes touching the bow of the mouth to make the curve from the top lip. Make a line that touches the two circles located on the bottom of the horizontal line to create the bottom lip. . Step 5: Erase all the extra lines and there’s the shape of the lips. . Step 6: Start shading the lips with light outward lines, keep in mind the places where the lips should be darker or lighter. . Step 7: Add soft curved lines to create extra textures in the lips. . Step 8: Add some extra light and give us a kiss! Muah! 👄🎉 . #tutorials #howtodraw #arttips #arttutorial #drawdaily #freeebook #freebies #freebie #creativemarket #brushes #procreatebrushes #procreatetutorial #procreateillustration #procreateapp #graphitedrawing #graphiteart #graphiteportrait #digital_art #charcoaldrawing #charcoalpencil #charcoalportrait #ebook #procreate4 #procretepainting #ipadart #ipadproart #ipadprocreate #procreateartist