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@plantfulfitness Happy 30th Birthday 👯‍♀️ You are MY best friend. My rock. My sister from the same mister. My role model. My inspiration. My therapist. My soulmate. My coach. My gossip pal. My slothing partner. My dance jodi. My sissy. You have a way of making me feel that I am invincible. That I can create possibilities in anything I do. That I can achieve greatness in anything I want. You show me how to work hard, prioritize what matters and how to take care of the people around me. You challenge me to be authentic, genuine and true to who I am. You encourage me to communicate better, be more present and love myself entirely. Thank you for simply being. Thank you for the random bursts of uncontrollable laughter we share. Thank you for filling my heart with so much happiness when you laugh. Thank you for hugging me even though I resist them - they make me feel safe and protected. Thank you for sharing your words with me, and the world - what you write makes me feel more connected to you. Thank you for touching my life. Always inspiring me. Motivating me. Leading me. Guiding me. Loving me. Today, tomorrow and forever we will celebrate you. Happy Birthday Yours Truly, your baby sissy 💕

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Motherhood is pure exhaustion and if you feel tired and upset over your struggles .. get it out of your system , there is no shame . We all love our kids , thankful for them every single day , every moment but raising tiny humans is no joke. But yes ! If a day holds exhausting and joyful memories together , always sleep thinking about the joys of the day and dumping the lows as all is good that ends well. On that note I want to share our little pancake making adventure today , Birdie was sure to take full credit for preparing the pancakes because well she did all the base work from pouring all the ingredients in the bowl and then whisking them up together. Enjoyment levels were high for her, as for mama she had to hold her calm and keep reminding birdie that she has to be slow and gentle with the whisk. Have patience baby , when infact she was trying to remind herself to be patient. All in all a fun little activity for a toddler , lots of dishes for mummy and a happy breakfast because rejecting the food that she made herself would have been so very rude. With a few tantrums and some crying , il call it a win. Its great to encourage your kids to give a helping hand wherever its safe and they can , makes them responsible and the happiness that comes to them from the sense of achievement is priceless. You need to teach your children that you're fun and enjoy their company and then they will learn from you. Be the friends at play first and then let your parenting dive in to guide. The best that you can give to your children is your time , hug often .. love a little more for the days are long but these years are very short. May ALLAH keep us all upon emaan and bless all the moms for their efforts.

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Wearing heels after so long!!#valentinoshoes #valentino