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|| Need || suspended beneath the surface, what he needed vs wanted was crystal clear. . . I think now more than ever we are bombarded with ideas, suggestions, products, places it can be overwhelming sometimes to filter out what you want vs what you need, Im not spared from this situation either and just stopping screen time alone is not enough. When you are online you are bombarded by stories of distant lands and expensive that healthy? How do you balance it? . . To combat this i often take the time to sit alone with pen and paper and use long drives to untangle these thoughts, focusing on what I will think about my life in retrospect, then being more practicle and thinking of the things that I like, I think are funny and I enjoy, trying to remember who I was before this digital system plugged into my mind and started telling me what I need and want. Why do I enjoy travel? Where would I go and what would I see besides amazing landscape. . . Im curious if i'm alone or if others do the same, is the next generation taught these mindful skills at school now? or like me do they have to make huge mistakes and find sparks of introspection to investigate and persue. I'm thankful for the life coaching I've had in the past and dealing with depression before social media, the time I've invested looking inward previous has been so beneficial. . . I talked about it more than a year ago and its still true, when i contribute online I want it to be signal and not noise, hopefully that comes across. . . #underwaterphoto #freedive #underwater #tonga #travel

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Monday = A tea break is needed 😪