Lâwen Mama 🦁❀️ media on instagram
  • 49 minutes ago

I got asked why I love her so much.. so I replied.. -She is probably more myself than I am. -I don’t have to pretend I’m ok because let’s be real, she wouldn’t believe my lying ass anyway.. -She is always by my side.. -She knows my worth and loves me the way I am.. -She sticks around even tho my mood swings are fucking ridiculous.. So, do you need more reasons why I’d never let her go? I don’t think so.. And always keep in mind that if you hurt her I’ll cut a bitch! I protect her with everything I got simply because I know she’d do the same for me.. β€οΈπŸ‘­πŸ” #bestfriendgoals #nomewithouther #everyblackyneedsablondie #doubletrouble #90skiddies #girlswithplugs #inkedgirls #inkedbabes #prettygirls #babesofinsta #instagood #potd #aboutthatnight #ganggang #squadoftwo #savagegirls #pierced #inked #blackisbeautiful #blackismyhappycolor @angelina.armani

Plugs By Emma media on instagram
  • 6 hours ago

Friday Sale: $10 plug grab bags! Today only I have $10 plug grabs available -must be purchased with a regular price item- Each grab bag will contain 2-5 pairs of randomly selected plugs! This is for all sizes 2g through 2 inches! If you order two pairs of plugs at regular price, you can get two grab bags, three=three grab bags and so on! If you have any questions or need any help ordering, just ask! β™₯️