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Way back Wednesday, grinding out them Am sessions with the bro! #waybackwednesday #compprep #grind #wakeupjeff #shoulders #asnfuelled #asnhunter #gentecnutrition #worldgymmaitland

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If it was easy everybody would do it right? Here's our take: You become an #Entrepreneur because you see👀 a void in the market and you want to fill it in order to #HELP ppl who need a solution to their problems 💯 • • The so called gurus will tell you watch this vid to learn how I made $10K 💰in a day which you get sold on and buy the course looking for some magical wave of a wand to get rich quick! Unfortunately, what they leave out is the 5-10yrs or more 🗓of failing 😓before they got it right and everything to click.🤗 • • The truth is, it's not going to happen just because you feel like the universe🌌 owes you something. If you've been following our story📖 you'd see first hand the trials, tribulations, ups & downs, just to get to this point, 6️⃣ yrs later, and as hard as it is to start a business, try maintaining, sustaining and growing it! Try going 1 month where you hit your highest sales 📈 of $60K only to drop down the next month to $5K📉 and the roller 🎢coaster of sales😬 Try spending over $75K (AND STILL SPENDING) on products and services that you believe will grow your business only to take L after L after L and still taking L's and all you get are lessons learned from the experiences.😳 Try and have the mindset💭 of always believing ppl really want to help you succeed only to find out they just wanted a buck😤 the list goes on and on and don't get us wrong we love the #Grind and it's worth the trip, no doubt about it! But we just wanted to enlighten you from a deeper inside look so you get the point, it's no walk in the park. • • Ask yourself is #Entrepreneurship really for you or are you just doing it for social media clout🤔 We hope it's not the latter because that would be a shame. • • WE ONLY DELIVER THE REAL IN THIS FIELD AND WE HOPE YOU DRAW ENCOURAGEMENT KNOWING THAT THEIR ARE TRANSPARENT COMPANIES OUT THERE WHO DON'T NEED TO FAKE IT TIL YOU MAKE IT‼️ Grinding with a Purpose ✊🏽 • • FOLLOW @ucejuicellc @ucejuicellc @ucejuicellc • • CLICK THE LINK TO SUPPRT THE DREAM 💯 • • #JoinTheMVMNT #LinkInBio #DreamChasers #Dreams2Reality #Entrepreneurs #EntrepreneursLife #Millennials #Mindset #TransformationTuesday #ucejuice ® #theneverendingboost

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The Jimi Celeste Instagram Minute Doing something... Do anything! But do something.... Thank you for watching and I’ll see you tomorrow! Please follow me in Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and The Myrtle and Mikey Show! Peace out..... #jimiceleste #themyrtleandmikeyshow #acoupleminutesorsowithjimiceleste #voiceactor @voiceactorsnyc #voiceover #voiceoveractor #inspire #voiceacting #actor #actors #sagaftra #create #newyork #nyc #imagination growth #believe #believeinyourself #grind #branding #takeaction #explore #takechances #nevergiveup #neversettle #dogs #dogsofinstagrm #dogstagram @jimiceleste @the_myrtle_and_mikey_show @voiceactorsnyc @lotasproductions @realmarcguss

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HUMP DAY GO HAVE A HUMP🤷🏿‍♂️ ————————————————— Half way through the week , half way through this prep, over half way through the year ! Time flies when your having fun so make sure you take time enjoy each part of the never ending process 🔑 #striveforgreatness 🚀 #gorillalife 🦍 #trusttheprocess 🙏