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We took on this sweet boy, Rev, the other day from Bella Bella. We have a partnership with the Bella Bella First Nations where we work together to help dogs in need. It’s a partnership we are very proud and honored to have with the people and their community. Rev is a Husky mix that is about 9-10 months old. He’s a silly boy that has some learning to do, but he’s got a big heart, intelligent mind and a goofy personality. We just love him! He will soon get neutered and then he will be up for adoption officially. If you’re interested in this sweet boy please feel free to DM us for any questions and feel free to apply at raincoastdogrescue.com if you’re interested in adopting Rev. Big thanks to @pacificcoastalair for always helping us get dogs safely to us with your airlines. Thank you! ——————————————————————— 🐾 🐾 🐾 🐾 🐾 #rev #beauty #huskymix #thoseeyes #bellabella #firstnations #raincoastdogrescue #partnership #teamwork #honored #respect #weareone #onelove #vancouverisland #britishcolumbia #canada #dogs #canine #dogsofinstagram #ig #insta #instagram

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Me and me mum on the cruise... I dont know why she's makin that face... but only picture i had... #love #family #bff4life #mom #momsrule #allwegot #onelove #stayclassybahamas #royalcarribeancruise #fuckworktoday

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Ok I think this needs to be said.. no matter where you stand on climate change EVERYBODY needs to realise that EVERYBODY in entitled to an opinion.. I myself was prob with majority at some point but I switched my thinking in the last few years after shit ton of reading I now sit on the latter.. which people need to realise is fine.. wether you sit for or against or don’t care .. you are entitled to an opinion.. end of the day the future will tell us.. maybe nothing will happen.. maybe we will end up dying out as a human race... but end of the day we are entitled to that opinion.. EVERYBODY needs to stop getting personal! By all means everybody stand on a soap box with your opinions but if you do you have to be able to accept that people may not have the same opinion. Have an educational non offensive argument about it all, trade facts, learn from eachother! I’ve actually learnt a lot over the last 48 hours reading articles that people have shared.. on both sides of the fence.. but don’t start taking personal stabs at eachother because of opinion.. we are all human.. we are all this planetary space ship called earth and we all share it’s residence. Use each others information to grow and learn and maybe open your mind a little to others too... but don’t start slandering eachother because somebody doesn’t agree.. hit them with facts... I’ve been hit with plenty! Which is awesome!! People are talking, discussing, learning... don’t turn it into a petty hate game... one planet, one people, one love... #climatechangeconversation #everybodydeservestobeheard #onelove #oneplant #onepeople #empowerdontdisempower #learn #grow #theworlddoesnthavetimeforpettyshit

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Don't gain the world and lose your soul Wisdom is better than silver and gold ❤️ - Bob Marley #onelove #shotononeplus #artoftheday #spreadlove 💙