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  • 12 minutes ago

hello! i’m finally here in cardiff, ready to start my adventures at rwcmd. i cannot believe im actually here aha i feel like everything about this page has been leading up to this and it’s a dream come true. i’ve been settling in well, my flat mates are wonderful and i know who my tutor is at last!! yesterday was the first time i practiced in my room and it went pretty well! this excerpt is still catching me out lots intonation and articulation wise so i think i’m going to spend lots more time on it tomorrow than the other stuff for my audition as they were going very well yesterday! it’s weird because being here and knowing i’m here for music almost shifted my whole mindset and my practice has just automatically felt more efficient! stupidly i didn’t record it but the bach is beginning to feel much more engrained in my muscle memory now. this week is mostly induction stuff besides my audition on wednesday (eeek!) and some string ensemble rehearsals as well as a concert at the end of the week. more on that soon. speaking to people so far i haven’t found anyone else that’s got an audition for the string soloists!! i’m surprised but also hoping i may have made a good impression with the orchestral director if i’ve ended up being one of the few aha. anyway enjoy me getting frustrated at this opening phrase because somehow i brush the D string every time and it drives me crazy lol x

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  • 9 minutes ago

super late post but i had my first rehearsal for youth symphony and it was good 👏🏼 now concert sunday 🎻 sibelius - andante festivo, op.117a • constructive criticism is appreciated 🙂 #viola #violist #violin #violinist #orchestra #strings #fiddle #youthsymphony #sibelius #jeansibelius #vibrato #100daysofpractice #365daysofpractice #violas #violists #violins #violinists #classical #classicalmusic #classicalmusician #baroque

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Renowned dance artist Tsuyoshi Shirai returns to join the award-winning and unique crossover production - “A Soldier’s Story 5.0: The Devil Returns” . See you in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Japan ! 21 Sep 2019 (Sat) 8pm Hong Kong City Hall Concert Hall 27 Sep 2019 (Fri) 7:30pm National Concert Hall Taipei 6 Oct 2019 (Sun) 2pm Tokyo Opera City Concert Hall 8 Oct 2019 (Tue) 7:30pm National Taichung Theater Playhouse #hongkongsinfonietta #hksinfonietta #香港小交響樂團 #orchestra #HKS20 #yuring #choreographer #dancer #tsuyoshishirai #白井剛 #soldiersstory #soldier #devil #dance #music #hongkong #taipei #taichung #tokyo #tokyooperacity

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HEUTE Sonntag um 19 Uhr spielen wir zur Saisoneröffnung auf fliessendem Gewässer! Wir eröffnen unsere Saison auf dem Schiff im Rheinhafen mit einem ganz vom Element #Wasser und aktuellen #Umweltthemen bestimmten Programm. Zu hören sind #Uraufführungen der Schweizer Komponistin @katharina.rosenberger (*1971) und des österreichischen Komponisten Peter Ablinger (*1959) sowie #SchweizerErstaufführungen des japanischen Komponisten Toru Takemitsu (1930–1996) und des amerikanischen Komponisten John Luther Adams (*1953) – LETZTE TICKETS: #MusikAmPulsDerZeit #DeineOhrenWerdenStaunen #VonUnsWirstDuNochHören @baldurbronnimann @zeitraeume_basel #zeitgenössischemusik #newstuff #neuemusik @baselswitzerland @nordsternbasel @roofdeckbasel @kantonbaselstadt #orchester #orchestra @vphil2311