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MAKE-UP REMOVER & REUSABLE COTTON ROUNDS Up until 2 years ago, I used @cliniqueuk 's Take The Day Off, for me it was the best make-up remover on the market - the right mixture of oil and water. After working for @esteelauderuk for 5 years, I had truly fallen in love with this product. That was until, I started my plastic free journey. Soon I noticed my collection of the purple bottles it came in, large and travel size! After some quick YouTube browsing I got the jist of homemade make-up rover and have have been making my own since then. Make the solution in a bottle of your choice. I use the one you see in the picture. 1/2 Oil 1/2 Water So far I have tried Almond Oil and Baby Oil. This simple mixture works a treat! If you try it, let me know how you get on. The re-useable cotton rounds were gifted to me by a friend. After using one I put them in the washing machine with a normal white load of laundry and they come out perfectly clean and ready to re-use! #makeupremoval #makiingadifference #plasticfree #thesmalltweaks #homemade #quickfix #makeupoftheday #positiveinfluencers

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Tá aí , a nossa primeira line feminina 🌸 @poxa_erikaa @ff_atenaa_ @adriellyf.265 @nycole_paulino @_rodriguesrafaa . . . #plasticfree #freeski #freefirebrasil #garenafreefire #freeze #freeze #freepalestine

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Dicas para não descartamos as cascas de laranja e limão!! Super Interessante LEIAM ♥️ #Repost @umavidasemlixo • • • • • • Casca de fruta cítrica é a casca que mais a gente pode usar depois, por isso eu passei a sempre descascar limão, laranja ou outras frutas antes de comer. 🍋 Limão eu uso bastante espremido, então se eu não tirar a casca antes, depois fica um pouco ruim de fazer isso. Na foto, a casca do limão siciliano que cortei ontem pra temperar o abacate amassado que aaaaamo e tava barato no mercado.⠀ ⠀ Você pode separar as cascas para:⠀ 1) secar e usar em chás⠀ 2) fazer raspas de cascas pra temperar bolos e outras receitas⠀ 3) colocar de molho com vinagre e fazer um desinfetante natural⠀ 4) bater no liquidificador e fazer um desengordurante natural ⠀ 5) fazer sachês com cheirinho para colocar em gavetas pela casa⠀ 6) se você estiver super empolgado, pode até fazer lemoncello!⠀ ⠀ A partir de agora: nada de jogar casca de limão ou laranja fora, ok? Até porque se a gente tira a casca pra usar pra outras coisas, dá pra colocar o meio da fruta na composteira de minhocas! Com a casca é ruim pras bichinhas. ⠀ ⠀ #umanosemlixo #umavidasemlixo #umlixoamenos #lixozero #desperdiciozero #zerowaste #trashisfortossers #zerowastehome #nowaste #notrash #menosplásticomaisplaneta #desperdíciozero #zerodechet #plasticfree

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Este champú de Romero Menta 🍃te dejará un aroma fresco mientras fomenta el crecimiento del cabello 👌🏼Está hecho con puros ingredientes naturales, sin químicos @naturalmenteecologicosmx

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Green tip of the day: pack creatively and skip the bubble wrap! I started a new day job today, and when I packed up my office at my old job, I decided skip wasteful packing materials as much as possible. Instead of wrapping each of these framed pictures with bubble wrap, I placed a notepad (each of which also needed to be packed) in between each one. The notepads prevented the pictures from banging against each other and allowed me to pack everything tightly in the box without extra packaging. Everything that was in the box arrived safely and undamaged and I didn’t have to trash anything afterwards! #zerowaste #reducewaste #lesswaste #wasteless #reduce #reducereuserecycle #repurposed #skipthebubblewrap #plasticfree #uselessplastic #ecofriendly #ecofriendlymoving #greenmove #getcreative #greentips #greentipoftheday #eeniemeeniegreenie

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Plastic is silently choking our planet and it’s now entering our bodies through our food, water, and air. We could be ingesting 5 grams of plastic per week on average. Forget us, think about the animals of our oceans. Think about what they are battling each and every day because of plastic. No one should ever be on a #PlasticDiet . 🌀 We need to transform the way we produce, use and dispose of plastic - and we can’t do it alone. #StopPlasticPollution . #PlasticPollution #PlasticFree #ZeroWaste #Plastic #SaveThePlanet #Recycle

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ENTREGAS BONITO. 💝✨ • Les quiero mostrar un diseño personalizado para una personita especial. 🎨✍🏻👧🏻 Gracias a nuestros clientes por la confianza, y gracias por tomarme en cuenta para estas ocasiones felices. 🙌🏻 Esperemos que les guste muchísimo ya que todos nuestros productos son hechos a mano y hechos con amor. 💙 • Puedes preguntar sin compromiso por nuestras bolsitas reutilizables mandando un inbox ó WhatsApp al 2291704849 para más información📲📩 tenemos envíos a toda la República. 🚚📦 • REusa ♻️ REduce ♻️ REcicla ♻️ • #bonitoarte #somosbonitoarte #diseñospersonalizados #hechoamano #hechoconamor #hechoenmexico #comprasustentable #desplastifícate #sinbolsaporfavor #ecobags #fundaseco #ecomorralitos #handmade #ecofriendly #ecoliving #ecoyou #noplastic #saynottoplastic #plasticfree #thinkgreen #gogreen #reuse #recycle #reduce #choosetoreuse #mexico #girlboss #follow #share

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A few good things that are worth mentioning: I’ve been trying to compliment my long work weeks with at least one day outside, in nature. So far we’ve visited conservation parks, botanical gardens, and an aviary. I’m pushing myself way out of my comfort zone lately by getting out more & meeting new people. (If you’ve ever wanted to hang out, let’s go do something!) I’m getting back into my art and it feels so so so good. ✨