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2019.09.14. 여행 여덟째 날. 올드카 타고 프라하성 올라갔어요👍👍 걸어서는 볼 수 없는 풍경과 시원한 바람이 새로웠어요. 엄마랑 남편도 대만족👀 정말정말 사람이 많은 프라하 성도 차근히 구경했어요. 프라하성에 푹 빠진 엄마😍ㅋㅋ 시내가 보이는 레스토랑에서 여유롭게 식사도 하고, 존레논 벽까지 걸어갔다가 코젤 브루어리에서 꼴레뇨도 먹었어요. 남편이 대학생 때 배낭여행 중 꼭 하고싶었다는 바로 그 레스토랑 식사와 꼴레뇨를 먹었다며 행복해하는거있죠ㅋㅋ 가족들과 여행오니 좀더 여유롭게 프라하를 즐기게 되네요. 아빠도 같이 왔음 참 좋았겠지만.. 아빤 새생명을 얻었으니 아쉽지 않은걸로ㅋㅋ 여유로운 하루였어요~ . . #프라하 #꼴레뇨 #프라하성 #존레논벽 #올드카투어 #코젤맥주 #beerlover #cheers #praha #prahatrip #까를교 #까를교야경 #양조장 #여행여덟째날 #행복 #가족여행 #czechtrip #trip #familytrip #foodstagram #여행스타그램 #onthetable #온더테이블 #kozeldark

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Good afternoon friends, the First Step team welcomes you !!! Today we want to introduce you an amazing place in the city of Prague. Kampa Island is a place of tranquility in the city center. We suggest you to start a walk along the Kampa island, descending on it from Charles Bridge. After passing a series of small houses, you will see, perhaps, the most magnificent building on the Kamp - the Liechtenstein Palace, built in the 19th century. Then, walking through the beautiful park of the island - one of the favorite places for couples in Prague, you will not be able to ignore the creation of the famous modern Czech sculptor Davida Černý - three gigante black babies. This group of sculptures is located at the walls of the Museum of Modern Art. This museum is also worthy of your attention. It contains a collection of works by contemporary sculptors and artists. And the most romantic place and probably the main attraction of the Kampa island is a small pedestrian bridge located at the mill wheel. It is called the “Bridge of Lovers”, it is considered the guardian of fidelity and love of hundreds of lovers. The metal rods of the railing of the bridge are hung with many locks engraved with the names of lovers. The tradition of hanging locks here and throwing keys from them in Chertovka promises a strong relationship and happiness for couples in love. Continuation of the walk in the next post ... ❤❤❤ In any of these places it will be very romantic to make an offer or organize a memorable walk. And to immortalize your relationship with a lock with your names on the “Bridge of Lovers” is so symbolic and romantic that it will not leave indifferent more than one girl in the world) We will be glad to help you !!! Write to us in a way convenient for you, and we will organize your dream holiday for you !!!

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Первые холодные дни, напоминающие,что лето уже как неделю попрощалось с нами. Трава, мокрая от первых осенних капель. Туман, обнимающий горы, делая их еле заметными. Те самые горы, далекие и могущие. Это место не было нашим конечным пунктом. Проезжая на машине, мы случайно увидели стаю лошадей, разгуливающих в поисках еды, и решили посмотреть на них ближе. Мы делали фото, убегали от ехавших на нас машин, обнимались, чтобы было теплее и смеялись до упаду, чтобы иметь такие вот воспоминания❤ #czech #trip #europe #travel #travelling #photo #photography #photographer #model #modelling #horse #nature #adventure #story #mystory #prahatrip #instaprague #toppraguephoto #wonderful_prague #visitczechrepublic

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무작정 걷기. #프라하

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#tbtPraga Maio/2019 Passeio maravilhoso!