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  • 13 minutes ago

It sometimes pays to look down instead of up in a Cathedral.This is the reflection on the stone pavement of one of the stained glass windows of the Sagrada Família in Barcelona in Spain.Patience is needed here to take this shot without any visitors walking over it ! #mytravelstory #traveldreamseekers #goexplore #europe_ig #europe_pics #simplytrafalgar @trafalgartravel #barcelona_world #traveldestinations_ig #wonderfulplaces4feature #divine_worldplaces #reflectionshots #reflection_creative_pictures #reflection_perfection #reflection_shots #reflectionphotography #natgeotravel #travelmoments #seekmoments #wanderlust #sagradafamiliabarcelona #barcelona 🇪🇸 #barcelonalovers

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  • 8 minutes ago

How our world has changed!! There is something very special these days when you get to experience being in a very small plane Flying off to an exotic location namely Savu Savu In the Fiji Islands. Today’s travellers mostly miss the opportunity and the uniqueness of the pilots being just in front of you... our world changed forever due to past events in flying. In fact the pilot was the last on the plane !!😂 It was so interesting watching all the controls in front... As a frequent flyer I am intrigued by planes there is something special for me about flying that I just love. My dad was a pilot also so I grew up in this environment listening to my dad reciting his radio calls in the shower and this being his passion.😂😂 I remember about 22 years ago when flying to America with our 3 small children and going for a visit to the cockpit with the kids.... I stood in awe of the magnificence of being in this Boeing 747 at 34000 feet and pressing a button to put the plane back on course... oh the memories!! BUT not anymore... it’s a shame that in our modern world this is now impossible. Big planes ... small planes,they all add to the experience of travelling the world... so grateful for these experiences... What experiences have you had in a small plane and where?? Let me know?? ✈️🌴♥️🙏 . . . . . #wanderlust #adventureseeker #doyoutravel #travelmore #goexplore #wonderfulplaces #openmymind #lovetotravel #travelgirl #solotravel #adventurethatislife #roamtheplanet #seekmoments #momentsofmine #traveldude

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I see a #tourquise #carousel ! Kinder! Das Leben ist ein einziges Spieleparadies. Aber bitte lasst dabei nicht die Umwelt außer acht. Hier meine 3 Tipps, wie auch du dazu beiträgst, die Umwelt zu schützen: 🐠Plastik vermeiden im Alltag - Trinkhalme, Plastikteller, -besteck und -deckel —> trinkt euer Drink auf der Party oder in der Bar komplett ohne Strohhalm, alternativ gibt es Mehrwegstrohhalme. 🌳nachhaltige Nutzung bei Holz und Papier- Weihnachten naht —> Anstatt Lametta, könntet ihr wiederverwendbaren Weihnachtsschmuck verwenden, wie Holz- und Glasschmuck. 🐞Sparen im eigenen Haushalt-bevorzugt saisonale und regionale Produkte kaufen—> Somit kann der CO2- Fußabdruck reduziert werden. Auch das Wasser wird immer knapper- achtet im Haushalt auf euren Wasserverbrauch oder wie wär es mal wenn ihr eine Petition unterschreibt oder eine Organisation unterstützt?? @wwf eines der größten Umweltorganisationen. Weitere Tipps findet ihr auch auf deren Seite:

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This photo of mine keeps popping up in my Pinterest feed and makes me so excited to grow every kind of zinnia possible this summer. We’re also still working our way through the masses of pumpkins I grew last season - so if anyone has any great pumpkin recipes please let me know .. pumpkin scones maybe? 😍