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This girl spent her life being bullied about her weight, getting kicked every day, being shouted at for having weight on her belly. From primary school all the way to college she has been bullied for the way she looks and how different she is to others! Different is unique... there is no perfect in this world. This girls has always cared about what people have thought about her, had messages off random people saying for her to lose weight cause she’s ugly and fat. She’s cried many nights to sleep wishing to be this “perfect” human being that everyone wants her to be. She likes to put others before herself because that shows what caring person she really is. People take her for granted, use her for her kindness to get them out of trouble at school. This girl tries to make everyone proud everyday, whether it’s by being kind or by working incredibly hard! Now this girl is focusing on herself! I have worried for years that I would never learn to love myself or care about my own feelings but I have finally decided that I WILL lose weight. I WILL make my friends and family proud. I WILL make myself healthier! Thanks to slimming World I can still have treats but make myself healthier! With exercise as well I will get to where I want to be. I want to thank everyone who has decided to support me and encourage me to do something about my weight❤️❤️ . . . #slimmingworld #slimmingworldpage #instagram #slimmingworldjourney #slimmingworldstudent #sw #slimmingworldsuccess #slimmingworldfamilyuk #swfamily #foodoptomising #beinlovewithslimmingworld #slimmingworldbreakfast #slimmingworldbirmingham #weightlossjourney #weightloss #motivation #slimmingworldgoals #slimmingworldinsta #slimmingworldinstagram #weightlossgoals #inspirationalpost #inspiration #goals #selflove #selfcare #selfconfidence

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What a FANTASTIC night tonight's class was! Nice to have Sempai Tristen back in action and new student Mr Cody! . We had some fun as well as testing our skills with shoulder rolls, going the distant and boy did we get some hang time! Check out Sempai Tristen, Mr Matthew, Mr Cody and Mr Damien all making the distant! VERY IMPRESSED GENTLEMEN. . Don't forget mouth guards for Wednesday nights class as we are hitting the floor with some ground work. If you want to come down and have some fun you are welcome 😊 #ous #GCSDA #goldcoastselfdefenseacademy #karate #martialarts #selfdefense #shotokan #fitnesstraining #familyfun #selfconfidence #mentalclarity #comejoinus #wearefamily

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Werbung (Markennennung) @jenniferm for @sanssoucis_official 💫😊

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Have you lost your sense of curiosity, your love of adventure, your risk taking mindset, love of being creative and doing what fills your heart up? All those traits are what your younger self loved being and doing. What part of you is hidden and is longing to come out? #4yearsold #innerchildhealing #innerchildwork #innerchild #freedom #selfconfidence #selfbelief @resilientlittlehearts 💞

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Motivate yourself ♥️and tag them whom u want to motivate.... #allaboutvarioustypes #motivatedmindset #selfconfidence Post found from- @superminnu