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A lot of you get God wrong. For thousands of years people have been killed, persecuted or simply looked badly upon because of the way they look at God. Many people that come by spiritual pages are the ones that supposedly know God and his/her Mysteries which in reality... they don’t. Organized religions like Catholicism, Christianity, Islam or Buddhism are like an aquarium for fishes. Eventually the fishes get to the point where there’s glass and they cannot move any further. That’s when people start closing up their minds and start believing that all beyond that aquarium glass is evil and unholy. Religion has its ways on manipulating people into hatred, envy, and overall bad stuff. Then they want to use God as the reason of their behavior towards you or people. I have seen this happen and I must say that people who practice that, are confused. God is an Absolute. God that you have been taught about is a being that apparently hates people who are different, and expects humans to throw away all the things that make them human. Sexuality for example. God that you should know is the Universe: everything that existed, exists and will exist. The ultimate source of light that was invested into spirits that are now able to help us out in lives. You cannot use God to hate other people, because this God energy lives in them. Do not let doubt and fear affect your soul. Do not let these confused people to tear down your beliefs, because you know exactly who you are and who you should be. Just wanted to make this post to thank Bondye, the Good God, and all the Mysteries for the work that they do for people everyday. I just want y’all to feel blessed. 🙌 — #god #spirituality #spiritualawakening #21division #spells #lovespells #magick #spirits #spirit #spiritism #spiritual #santeria #vodou #spiritualhealing #lawofattraction #godisgood

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Hello fall - we support this message! #Repost @tumfullorum ・・・ Fall is life. 🍂🍎🥃 #ripvine The nose of Avua’s Cachaça Amburana is like walking into an October kitchen prepped for baking an apple pie: the tart apples are freshly cut, there’s cinnamon in the air, and you can feel a warm draft from the pre-heating oven. Upon drinking, the spirit’s body is calm but complex—starting out with some mellow agricole character, transitioning into properly balanced barrel char notes, then finally melting into a warm apple pie finish. Cachaça (cah-SHAH-sah) is a style of rum special to Brazil, distilled from fresh-pressed cane juice rather than molasses (similar to rhum agricole). While most cachaça is unaged (and generally used for cocktails like caipirinhas), this one rests in a South American hardwood called amburana for one to two years before bottling. Avua’s amburana expression is my favorite cachaça to sip, and it pairs perfectly with these beautiful October nights we’ve been having. #thrillofdiscovery

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A nice way to remember your lost loved ones with our Custom Order: In Loving Remembrance Candleholder. This is a custom order where you can put the name of your loved one and date or message of your choice: writing must fit within the black areas of the Candleholder The bottom of the candleholder says, " A precious one from us has gone, A voice we loved has stilled; A place is vacant in our home, which can never be filled. And though the body slumbers here, the soul is safe in heaven”. ✨ Located in our Pagan and Gypsy Candleholders section of our shoppe or you can use our Search Engine 🔍 at: #remembrance #gothic #darkside #death #cemetery #loved #macabre #spirits #memoriam #witch #wicked #witches #witchcraft #pagan #altar #ritual #sabbat #sabbats #samhain #wmerchantile #candle #candles #candleholder #illuminated #illuminated art #facebook #witchery #remembrance @wicked_house_ #witchesofinstagram 🔮🌙 #candlelight