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Don’t suffer, make an appointment with me and let’s get you back on track to a happier & healthier future Hypnotherapy is a powerful treatment which helps you overcome obstacles, achieve your goals and enables you to be the best that you can be. It is sometimes blended with other techniques to ensure your hypnotherapy delivers the best results for you. Each session is personalised to your specific needs because you are unique. Many hypnotherapists use a one-size fits all but I work you as an individual. Hypnosis is an altered state of awareness called trance. It is something we experience naturally every day. It is similar to the experience of watching television - that feeling of becoming completely absorbed and relaxed, though you can have thoughts about other things too. At the same time you can be aware of other things going on around you. This is quite normal and doesn't affect the success of the hypnosis therapy. Hypnotherapy allows communication with your subconscious mind - that part of you which is constantly influencing your thoughts and behaviour - to help you achieve your goals and overcome any obstacles. You will be in control throughout the session and cannot be forced to do anything which is not in keeping with your values and wants - indeed, you need to truly want the change for it to be effective. Hypnotherapy helps you to lose weight, be more confident, manage stress and anxiety, overcome anger, stop smoking, cut down on your drinking. In fact, anything which stress makes worse, hypnotherapy can help make better. You can expect to leave the sessions with a greater self-awareness, feeling positive, relaxed and resourceful. Anything simply Anything can cause stress. Get in touch and let’s have a chat. Let me help you. #ocd #sp #pd #ptsd #gad #therapy #stresstherapist #lemonade #julietterouncefieldstresstherapist #julietterouncefieldlemonade #julietterouncefieldtrurocornwall #julietterouncefieldHMS #Julietterouncefieldlifecoach #julietterouncefieldhypnotherapist #juliettelemonade #lemonadetherapist #therspist #counsellingservices #counselling #councellingstress #counsellinghelp #newleafprogramme #cornwall #truro #stresstherapisttruro

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🚨 Proud moment 🚨 I passed back in May but today I got my certificate for Level 2 qualification in counselling. It’s a tiny but significant step on a long journey that could result in me helping people, as others have helped and continue to help me. With so much mental health trouble out there, so little government support and also a MASSIVE amount of idiots that like the ‘glamour’ of the MH bandwagon but don’t actually take the steps they need to help themselves first or bother to qualify to actually be part of the solution, it makes me proud that I’m doing this, and everything else I can, in the right way. Level 3 next, then a degree? Could I really do a degree? I thought I couldn’t concentrate on something for more than five minutes...#proud #mentalhealthawareness #counsellingpsychology #therapy #giveback #adultlearning #everydayisaschoolday #gratitude

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Learning and discovering especially in very small things and details is getting more important for me each day... we don’t have to live, see or do big things... that’s an old also wrong belief... Seeking and searching in moments is possible with curious minds so let’s stay curious... . . . #workofemotions #stayathomemom #staycurious #loop #love #earth #sea #santamonica #life #energy #metaphysics #think #travel #instagram #us #sky #pink #blue #meditation #hermetics #choosefun #therapy #words #world #change #transformation #learn #let

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6/12 potassium Sulphate. . This mineral is the remedy for third stage of inflammation. Your body has this mineral most abundantly in the surface cells of the skin and in the muscles. . Potassium Sulphate promotes all detoxification and draining procedures within your body. This mineral is of immense benefit to your organs such as Heart, Liver, spleen, Small and large intestines. . It assits in removing pathogens through the skin in the way of sweating. . Coffee and nicotine cause a deprivation of this mineral within the body and is said to promote the metabolism. . This mineral works well in conjunction with Sodium Sulphate (10/12) to remove toxic load. . 👉 Some indications for this mineral; asthma (chronic), Bladder infection, Conjunctivitis, blood poisioning, colds, cough ( barking cough particularly), Deafness as a result of inner ear swelling, ee infections, eczema, gastritis (chronic). Headaches, joint infections, mouth infections, muscles (general aching), neurodermatits, nose infections, Overeating, Pharangitis, Rhinitis, scarlet fever - complications of, Sinus infections, Skin Rash, stomach pressure (feeling of fullness). . A note worthy sign for women, an idications of deficiecny could be scanty, late mestration with a weighty feeling in the abdomen. . Deficiency of this mineral could cause vague feelings of sadness or anxiety, heavy headedness, skin problems or wandering pains in the limbs. . Do any of these symtoms sound familiar to you ? If so message me and lets discuss if supplementing this mineral is right for you. 📥