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“Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” –Berthold Auerbach "It's like butter. It's been a while since I last played my hollow body electric guitar but every time I plug it in... it's like love at first touch." - Got the coolest smooth and dirty tone out of it today plugged into a little Blacktar practice amp. #ibanez #hollowbody #blackstar #thejoyofmusic #seekhappinesseveryday #guitarslinger #music #musician #woodwireandsteel #seekhappinesseveryday #thrive #blackstaramps #electricguitar #liveauthentic

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One of our highlights during presentation skills training is the break away sessions to allow participants to 'delve into' practical application of lessons learnt. (See what I did there?).😊 _ This training reminded me about a past participant, Mr.Ogare, who shared incredible results that he got after the 'Advanced Presentation Skills Training'. He shared that he learnt: *The most effective uses of a grabber during a presentation to capture the audience's attention and keep them engaged *Connecting with different generations, specifically millennials and Gen Z, who was a major challenge for him and other leaders *He learnt how to make meetings more interactive, inspiring and result-oriented As a result, for the first time, his team were arriving in meetings before time, having prepared for the meetings. He had become a better presenter and communicator that he led his team in increasing their asset portfolio sales in the department from 30% to 60% in three months. _ This training session was in the same location -it reminded me of his story. _ As organisations cut back and lay off, it's imperative to focus on growing. Better presentation skills enable you and your team to do more with less. It means greater buy-in, motivation, laser focus on what needs to be achieved and winning approvals internally. Ultimately, winning over clients and stakeholders becomes much easier. Choose to thrive! It's time to thrive. _ [email protected] [email protected] _ #advancedpresentationskills #effectivepresentstionskills #thrive #grow

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#soundon 🔊 Embrace the sense of achievement. Small or big. Looking back, you may not be the same person making the next move. Your next goal may come from the person you developed into by reaching the first. That's how you thrive in life. Goals are like check points throughout your life! One to the next as you devour and progress. Are you setting and achieving your goals? . . . . #goals #achievinggoals #achievment #goalsetter #development #live #life #thrive #grow #read #striveforgreatness #typeIII

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#Thrive #TestimonialTuesday @beccadinkins1990