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Tuesday truth-bombs...2020 is right around the corner, just over 130 days! Cray right? Things have changed. And bc of how Ecommerce + social selling has changed, how we buy + sell from our iPhones has REALLY changed, billions of people are making thousands of dollars on their phone. Have you found a way to make money from one of the these fancy hand-held devices yet? 😉 Back in 2008, during the recession (rumor has it another is right around the corner) R+F left high-end retail like Nordstrom’s and allowed peeps like us to build a business from our phones. Yup. Of course people thought they were KRAY! Who DOES THAT?!! In eight short years they became a BILLION Dollar Brand + the #1 skincare brand in North America. Ginormous leap of faith! 💫 Now, thousands of people like you and I, are making thousands of 💰 in residual income from these devices, each and every day, all day, everyday. • • RF is inches away from becoming a $2 BILLION Brand in 12 years (Starbucks took 25 years to become a $1 billion brand) And get this, you can actually give this biz a proper whirl for 60 days, try it on for size if you will, and if it’s not your jam, get a FULL REFUND! #yesway • • You get to try all the award-winning products for you + your fam, start making money for two months and then decide if this how you want to roll. No harm no foul. • • Like most of us here, we love this for soooo many more reasons than great skin + the paycheck but don’t take my word for it, try it on for size yourself! I’m guessing success looks GOOD on you friend! 🤩⭐️ • • I have space to help two people this month get up + running. If you’ve been on the fence, let’s talk. Get the real scoop. It may or may not be for you and that’s okay. But you’ll never really know what this COULD look like for you and your family’s financial health if you don’t get the deets. #sidegig #sidehustle #ecommerce #socialselling #laptoplife #beauty #brands #brandsambassador #atx *this is my unique story, for more info re:typical results, search Rodan + Fields IDS.

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#poolside #relax #blueskies #zante

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Does a walk on the beach count as a workout? Cause we’re late for brunch. #yesway #obviously

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Well since I’m not allowed to ride dirtbikes for a while, I guess I’ll post some of my other hobbies🤣 Starting with cars!! Been working on them since I could crawl (Dads a master mech.) I’m not as passionate about them as I used to be, but I love most of them. Muscle - imports - doesn’t matter. Does it go fast, or look cool? I’m in 👀 ••• This is, was, my 1978 Camaro ‘Rally Sport- Coupe’ that I was partially through restoring before I sold to further my interest in motocross😆 (it became a money pit) By the way, this was my first car, and DAILY DRIVER 🤣🤟🏽 #Cargirl #whatnoway #yesway #dailydriver #daily #Girlswhowrench #Camaro ##1978 #restoration #whereisitnow

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And it glows?! 😱 . . . . . . . #keychain #car #keychains #glow #glowinthedark #whaaaaaat #noway #yesway #pink #black #pinkandblack #yesplease

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INHALER- SOMEONE PASS ME MY DAMN INHALER I CAN'T BREATH PLEASE @ninariccardii #jackdylangrazer #jackdylangrazeredit #jackdylangrazeredits #OMG #omgpage #popular #shook #noway #yesway #it #relationshipgoals #it2